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  • How Much Does it Cost?
    Review our most up to date pricing here:
  • How far do you travel?
    We are based in Southern California. Our specially equipped transport van can safety transport the animals anywhere in United States. Pricing is based on a per mile calculation, plus travel accommodations for our reptile experts.
  • Can you setup indoor and outdoor?
    Yes. We can set up both indoor or outdoor. Including indoor hard floors, carpet, outdoor on grass or concrete.
  • Is it safe for the animals?
    At Traveling Reptiles our business revolves around the safety and well being of our live animal cast. This presents unique challenges which require us to provide constant care. Our animals are specifically selected to be a part of our program because of their hardiness and ability to cope with environmental changes. We periodically rotate animals to keep them healthy as well as bring a new experience to future events! We are able to teach and educate people about these animals and environment, promoting careers in zoology and interest in conservation and protection. They are animal ambassadors for their species and bring joy and wonder to people all over who in turn are better educated and able to protect them.
  • Is it safe to touch all the animals?
    Under the supervision of our professionals - all the animals in our program are safe to interact with.
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