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Pricing & Packages

These packages are customized for your event. For school and library visits we include a Reptile Talk and Presentation with our reptile expert. The Reptile talk can be customized for up a 30 minute presentation.

Contact us for travel expense calculation and discount pricing, custom quotes or multi-day discounted quotes.


Travel through the Deserts of Africa, the Jungles of South America all the way to the islands of Australia! Meet amazing reptiles from around the world, learning about their diets, sleep cycles, habitats and special characteristics. Gain a new appreciation of the environment and the animals that may have gone unnoticed before. 


Includes display tables showcasing the animals. educational posters and graphics as well as props that create an immersive experience.

Animals include these and more:

  • Burmese Python

  • Ball Python

  • Blue Tongue Skink

  • California Desert Tortoise

  • Crested Gecko

  • Leopard Gecko

  • Bearded Dragon

2 Hour Experience with a 30 minute presentation

Reptile Encounter Package 

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